1. Do I need to participate in formal recruitment to join Phi Sigma Rho?


Phi Sigma Rho participates in formal Panhellenic recruitment, but you can still join without going through formal recruitment.


2. How can I learn more about Phi Rho?


Please reach out to Arizona Panhellenic if you have more questions about Phi Rho and recruitment. 



3. What majors are currently approved?


We accept engineering and engineering technology majors. The list includes:


4. Do I have to be in one of those majors to join?


We can only give out bids to Potential New Members in our current approved majors list. But, we are always working to add more. 


5. Can I join Phi Rho if I join another Panhellenic sorority?


We are not a professional sorority, we are a social sorority that is a part of Panhellenic. Therefore, you cannot be a part of Phi Sigma Rho along with another Panhellenic sorority.


 6. Why do you not fully participate in Panhellenic formal recruitment?


At Arizona, we are lucky enough to be a part of the Panhellenic community, however, we are not nationally recognized as a part of Panhellenic. Therefore, there are restrictions through our nationals that dictate how much we can participate in.


7. How much does it cost to be in Phi Sigma Rho?


Active and new member dues for all Greek organizations are available at greek.arizona.edu/fsp/cost. We have scholarships available to help offset the cost if this poses a financial burden.


8. What kind of events do you have?


We have lots of events including socials and philanthropies. For example, this past semester we had a date dash, Dodge the Dark, big/little reveal, Founders’ day and a holiday party! And this semester we are looking forward to Orchid Ball!


9. What is the time commitment for Phi Rho?


We always recognize that academics come first so if you have something with school you are excused from any event. You can expect weekly meetings and a variety of events so you can choose how involved you want to be.


10. What should I wear to recruitment?


Wear anything you are comfortable in!


11. What academic support is there in Phi Rho?


Phi Rho wants you to succeed in your classes. We offer study sessions with our sisters and professional development events such as faculty mixers and internship panels. 


12. Do I have to do formal Panhellenic recruitment to join Phi Rho?


No, you just have to attend one of our events or set up a meeting with our VP of Recruitment at psralphakappavpofrecruitment@gmail.com.


13. How many members do you have right now?


Currently we have 56 members!


14. Can I join if I am not a freshman?

Of course! We have members who have joined as sophomores, juniors, and even seniors!


15. Can I join if I’m not studying engineering?


Our non-engineering approved majors are:

*Not currently offered at the University of Arizona


16. Do you have a house?


No, we don’t have a house currently, but it is something we would love in the future!